Let’s rock out with our caucuses out

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It’s a CIA thing.

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Super Tuesday Update

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Sorry it has been too long, but here is your Super Tuesday update for Dr. Paul

Enjoy and spread

Out into the world, yes I did roam

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In the next few weeks I will be taking my camera out into the public for a new idea I have. Basically I believe in Ron Paul, because he is logical and truthful and I always think people will respond to reason. So I want to go out and talk to people in public areas to convince all people from all backgrounds that Ron Paul is easily the best candidate is a segment I’m calling “Ron Paul vs. the world”. I have versed myself well in all his policies and I like meeting new people, so hopefully I can make this happen.

Also plenty of other video ideas forming, I need to find a barbie, ken, and gi joe doll for some of them…ebay i guess?

Restore America

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My latest video, three minutes is a little long for my taste, but I think people will like this one. The music is from the score for The Shawshank Redemption. Tell me what you think and please like all my videos on youtube.


Finally something to get “If I only had a brain” out of my head

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This is a lovely song someone sent me on youtube and I just think it’s super catchy and nice, so I hope you enjoy.

New videos should be done today or tomorrow


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My fifth video it compliments my fourth in my mud slinging series.

Also just got a great idea for some promotional Ron Paul posters….hint: Americana. Won’t start work on those until I get my next few videos done, which I have to say my eighth video will be A-freaking-mazing. Stay tuned and please like all my videos on youtube. Thanks.

Personally, I like calling it the “Texas Century”

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My fourth video, not as awesome as the others, but still nice I think. Tell me what you think and please “like” my videos on youtube if you want me to make more.


Vegas Baby Vegas!

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Being obsessed with films this is something I very much enjoy, check out that link.


Slangin’ Mud

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I’m happy to see the positive response to my last video it has fueled my creativity even more. I’m currently working on my fourth and fifth videos for Ron Paul and they both focus less on the doctor and more on some good ol fashioned mudslinging at the other republican candidates. My goal is to get people registered in the primaries and to show why Paul is the best choice. Anyways keep youtube liking and sharing the “Ron Paul: most interesting politician in the world” video and in the meantime enjoy this article.